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A selection of some of the best walks in and around Newhall Parish. Newhall Parish is not far from Nantwich or Whitchurch, so is the perfect place to spend an afternoon!

Cheshire East Council try to maintain our local rights of way - more information including how you can help - can be found here


Approx 2.6 Miles

A perfect walk for a light stroll before a meal at The Bhurtpore Inn, taking in the pretty village of Wrenbury, too.

Start at the Bhurtpore Pub, CW5 8DQ. Exit left from The Bhurtpore Inn, following Wrenbury Road towards Wrenbury Train Station. Continue following Wrenbury Road until you reach a T Junction on Nantwich Road, where Wrenbury Primary School will be right in front of you. Turn right onto Nantwich Road, following the road until you reach Wrenbury Heath Road, which will be on your right hand side. Continue on Wrenbury Heath Road until you see Woodcotthill Lane on the right. Turn down Woodcotthill Lane. Once at the end, turn left back onto Wrenbury Road, where The Bhurtpore Inn should be on your right hand side.


Approx 10.8 Miles

The perfect walk to get to know Newhall Parish, as it stretches virtually from one end of the parish to another!

Leaving your car at The Bhurtpore Inn, exit right down Wrenbury Road, until you reach the crossroads with Sheppenhall Lane. Continue straight on, following Sheppenhall Lane for approx 2 miles, before reaching Back Coole Lane which will be on your left hand side. Conitue down Back Coole Lane until you reach the end, and turn left onto Coole Lane. Continue on Coole Lane, before seeing French Lane on your right hand side. Follow French Lane for approx 1.5 miles, before turning right again onto Mickley Hall Lane. Once on Mickley Hall Lane, continue onto Health Lane, before crossing over Whitchurch Road onto New Road. Follow New Road before turning left onto Wrenbury Heath Road. Continue down Wrenbury Heath Road until Woodcotthill Lane appears on your left hand side. Follow Woodcotthill Lane until you reach the corner with Wrenbury Road. After you have turned left onto Wrenbury Road, The Bhurtpore Inn will appear again on your right hand side, for a well deserved drink!

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