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What is Newhall
Civil Parish?

- and do I live in it?

A 'civil parish' is an area which is the lowest tier of local government below districts and counties. It is an administrative parish, so has no direct connection to the Church, and is administered by a Parish Council. Newhall Civil Parish includes the area inside the red border on the map below, and includes Aston, Aston Heath, Barnett Brook, Brown's Bank, Dodd's Green, Grandford, Grindley Green, Hollingreen, Kingswood Green,
Maiden Estate, Newhall, Salesbrook, Sheppenhall and part of Sandford.
Newhall became a Civil Parish in 1866, and now includes around 350 houses

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.57.27_edited.png




In the early 1800's, Newhall (near Nantwich), was a township in Wrenbury, which was a parish within the wider 'Nantwich Hundred'. The Hundreds of Cheshire, as with other Hundreds in England, were the geographic divisions of Cheshire for administrative, military and judicial purposes which had been around since Norman times. After the division of parishes, Newhall became a civil parish in 1866, which still exists today. The population was 819 in 1801, 891 in 1851, 718 in 1901 and 720 in 1951.

From 1974 the civil parish was served by Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council,
which was succeeded on 1 April 2009 by the unitary authority of Cheshire East. 
Newhall falls in the parliamentary constituency of Eddisbury.

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