Neighbourhood Plan Final Version

We have now updated the Newhall Neighbourhood Plan in line with comments received from the independent examiner, and Cheshire East Council have set Thursday 27th February as the referendum date for the plan. You can download a .pdf of this final version of the plan using the button below.

Questions from Examiner

An independent examiner has been appointed to assess the Newhall Neighbourhood Plan, and that assessment process is under way. The examiner has submitted some questions (which we are currently responding to) so the examiner's letter is attached here for information and in the interests of transparency.

Consultation Statement

This document details the consultation methods and processes we used when creating the Newhall Neighbourhood Plan.
It contains details of the comments received, responses and changes made to the plan through the 'Reg 14' public consultation phase.

Basic Condition Statement

This document details how the Newhall Neighbourhood Plan meets the basic conditions required for it to proceed to the referendum stages.

More details on these basic conditions can be found on the Government neighbourhood planning website.

Newhall Neighbourhood Plan - Reg 15/16

The Newhall Parish Neighbourhood Plan ('the plan') has been prepared in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 and is now in its pre-submission consultation (Regulation 14) stage. The plan covers the period to 2030 and has been prepared under the authority of Newhall Parish Council (the qualifying body)

NNP Cover Pic2.jpg

Summary Leaflet

This leaflet contains very brief details of the status of the neighbourhood plan and its next steps 

Reg 14 Leaflet.jpg

Residents Survey Results

Details of the results of the residents survey,mainly in pie-chart format.

Residents Meeting Presentation

The slides presented at the residents meeting, summarising a few of the key results from the survey, and explaining the purpose,  benefits and progress of the Newhall Neighbourhood Plan.

Residents Survey

The residents survey questionnaire which was distributed, completed and collected in August/September 2017.(Details of the results of this survey are available above)



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